A new chapter

First of all, Hi! Welcome! 😘 My name is Grace and I’m starting a new chapter in my life, so I decided to start a blog! I’ll warn you now I usually use a LOT of exclamation marks. Is it ridiculous? Probably. But I’m going to use them anyway because they make me feel happy!!!

I’ve wanted to start a blog/Instagram/YouTube channel or something along those lines for a few years now but I’ve been very busy having adorable little babies and focusing on them. So this blogging adventure is a way to express myself and talk about the things I love!

I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly sure what kinds of things I love anymore. Sooooo this will be self discovery to a certain degree. I love anything beautiful, I love talking about killer deals I find and tips and tricks for makeup and hair. That will be a big part of this blog, to have fun, talk about what I love and maybe help somebody with something as simple as finding a pair of shoes half off! 😂

My sweet husband has been so encouraging in helping me branch out and be brave. He has been very supportive of everything I love and he happens to like the back end (of me 😜jk… but seriously) and the technical side of things. He also likes to take my picture and make me feel sooooo cute!!!! So we’re tag-teaming this adventure and going to have a blast even if no one reads it. 🙂

A little bit about me, I’m 31 and have three sweet little babies named, Rivers (3) Bear (2) and my sweet little Birdie girl who’s 9 months old! My husband’s name is Frankie and we will actually be tag-teaming this blog and Instagram adventure together. We happen to be very different (ok more like polar opposites) which is wonderful but we’ve been searching for something to do together that we both love. Even if the pictures are mostly of me he’s definitely put a ton of work into this website, my Instagram and photos!!! LOVE HIM 💕❤️

All my babies!

I’ll be honest, I grew up a complete tomboy, and to make a long story (I’ll have to write about it sometime) short: I won a scholarship to cosmetology school and that’s when the adventure began! It turned out I was a natural at coloring and cutting hair, and doing anything creative when it came to beauty!

When it comes to clothes and my style, it’s definitely changed a lot over the years. I was a bit over-the-top and crazy when I was young. I was always trying to create “the next big thing” and for some reason none of them ever took off 😂 like the skirt and purse I made out of neckties 👔(I swore that was going to be big!) I also went through the old lady chic phase!!! 👵

Me and my baby Birdie girl 😍

Then I went through three pregnancies in a row that really forced me to dress almost exclusively for comfort. I’ll always have a special love in my heart for elastic waistbands… it’s so hard to go back to jeans! 😂 But now I’ve had my last baby and I’m starting to feel good and get creative with my clothes and makeup again. It’s so good to feel like I own my own body after kids. I definitely wouldn’t trade it for anything but I’m so glad to start a new fun chapter in life!

Thank you for reading my first post and going on this new journey with me! Don’t forget to subscribe in the right sidebar 👉 to get my posts in your inbox!

Love, Gracie 💋

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