Design your own custom jewelry in 5 minutes

Did you know you have custom jewelry right at your fingertips?! 💎😍 If you have a Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or similar craft store nearby they have tons of jewelry options that are easy to DIY! All you need is a pair of small jewelry pliers, assorted jump rings, and your favorite statement stone or beads!

I love DIYs. Maybe it’s because I like being thrifty and I like the idea of having something unique that I’m proud I created! It’s therapeutic for me to just sit back and create something beautiful! It’s also nice to have some extra jump-rings around anyway for when my kids break my necklaces! 🙄 Seriously, “expert necklace destroyer” should be on every child’s resume! 😂😭

For my latest DIY jewelry project I chose to do a layered necklace that I can wear separately or together! Michaels has a ton of beautiful stone pendant options with all the accessories right there that you would need to make it easier.

Everything in the photo above cost me around $22 dollars. There are a ton of cheaper options or even nicer/more expensive ones! If you watch for sales it could easily be half the price I paid. Nothing was on sale when I bought my items and they have 50% OFF sales all the time!

I did use a coupon from the Michaels website for 40% OFF one item. Micheals and Hobby Lobby both have online coupons and they will scan them at the register! 😊

The process is so simple: cut your necklace to the size you want and use the jump rings to attach the stone! I always cut a little at a time because it’s WAY harder to reattach a small chain than it is to take a little more off! You can even choose easier pieces than I did where you just string a piece onto chain and WHAM. BAM. DONE!

And now you have a beautiful piece of custom jewelry that screams YOU, and no one else has it! WOOHOO! 💖

If you have anymore questions about this little DIY project, or have a DIY tutorial request, please leave me a comment below!

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    1. Hi Alex! Thank you so much! My husband uses his iPhone 8 Plus and edits using Adobe Lightroom! 100% on his phone! He’s amazing at all that technical stuff. I couldn’t do any of this without him!

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